About Us

Ventas Central is an outsourcing solution that delivers flawlessly executed promotional programs and strategically designed sales and marketing campaigns throughout the United Kingdom. Our experience in the industry can help our clients produce maximum market penetration through our human interaction.

We work for some of the largest and most recognised brands in the UK who are looking to buy and not build a sales team. We can be either an entire sales force for a company or just one critical portion of an overall channel strategy.

Giving up part or all of your sales function can be a very tough decision for a business. Ventas Central prides ourselves on being a seamless partner; fully transparent and accountable to our clients we become a valued partner in growing their business. We know how much your brand means to you and we take the responsibility of representing you seriously. Your input will always be valued highly and taken on board whether this be at a called meeting or one of our regular interactions.

As a valued partner, we are highly integrated with our clients, often using their company CRM system, participating in strategy and conducting in person meetings to discuss individual requirements. While we focus on sales execution, our sales force are on the front line, engaging with their customers, gathering feedback and learning at scale what our client’s customers are saying. This high level of activity puts us in a unique position to execute on and help direct sales strategy for clients of all sizes and sales cycles. We do not position ourselves as a short-term solution, but as an integrated member of your company’s sales efforts for long periods of time and being a catalyst for your company’s growth.

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